Director of Hospital Marketing

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Duties: Developing and implementing programs to increase use of hospital; developing profit-making programs in facility; performing research

Alternate Title(s): Marketing Director; Director of Marketing

Salary Range: $35,000 to $175,000 (In USD as of Apr 6, 2015)

Employment Prospects: Fair

Advancement Prospects: Fair

Best Geographical Location(s): Positions available throughout the country


Education or Training - Bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, advertising, business, or health care planning

Experience - Marketing and writing experience helpful

Special Skills and Personality Traits - Communication skills; supervisory and management skills; writing skills; creativity; public speaking ability

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Position Description

The Director of Hospital Marketing is responsible for the development and implementation of programs used to increase the use of the facility. The individual is also responsible for developing reimbursable and/or profit-making programs and activities in the facility.

The director of marketing is expected to come up with both long- and short-term marketing objectives and strategies. These might include planning special campaigns or other programs. For example, the director of marketing may develop a special geriatric program designed to attract older individuals in the area. The marketing director might also develop a special program designed to attract women to the facility. The individual might suggest new services for the facility or recommend other ways to open new markets for the hospital.

In order to develop programs that will be well received, the marketing director must do a great deal of research. He or she must evaluate the trends in hospital usage as well as the services that are utilized. The individual may also do research regarding the needs of the community. T his may be done through surveys, interviews, and studies in the community and with physicians in the area. I n some cases, market research companies are hired to conduct this research. After research is completed, the marketing director must review and evaluate the information and make necessary changes in the marketing strategies being used.

In some facilities, the director of marketing may be expected to develop brochures, posters, press releases, flyers, and radio, television, and print ads to publicize services in the hospital. I n other job settings, he or she may work with the development, public relations, and advertising departments to create an advertising campaign. The marketing director may also be expected to determine the viability of hospital services and determine the selling points of the facility. He or she must then formulate advertising themes, slogans, and logos.

Other responsibilities of the hospital marketing director may include preparing department budgets, developing presentations for administration and/or the hospital board, and making sure the staff is aware of hospital services.

The Director of Hospital Marketing works long hours. This is not usually a nine-to-five job. He or she may be expected to attend meetings and represent the hospital at functions for staff or the community. There are always extra projects that must be attended to, deadlines to meet, or emergencies that must be handled. However, for many in this position, watching a facility grow and flourish is very rewarding.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Marketing & Partnerships

* Lead the development of the traditional marketing and media plan, in partnership with the Digital team, to develop comprehensive marketing plans for Mount Sinai Health System hospitals, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Strategic Partnerships, and priority service lines.

* Assist with the development and execution of integrated marketing strategies to differentiate Mount Sinai Health System from its competitors.

* Serve as project lead in collateral materials development for departments as needed.

* Provide marketing analysis and recommendations on partner, affiliate, sponsorships, and vendor contracts throughout MSHS that include marketing elements or branding and promotion considerations.

* Provide marketing, advertising and project management for Strategic Partnerships and assist in the supervision of the Strategic Partnerships Coordinator.

Advertising & Creative

* Serve as the primary contact for the MSHS advertising agency.

* Manage day-to-day activities and calendars to ensure deliverables meet Mount Sinai objectives and timelines.

* Provide strategic and tactical guidance and resources as needed for Digital and Creative teams.

* Approve and ensure branding guidelines are followed from projects developed outside the Marketing Department.

* Write copy for ads, collateral, web (sometimes) for priority projects and service lines as needed.

* Work with the Creative Director to manage advertising, collateral, and communications projects.

Research & Analysis

* Generate in-depth analyses of US News Top Rankings data. Track and identify ranking advancement opportunities.

* Conduct market research and analysis, competitive intelligence, and market segmentation and coordinate with Digital Team to recommend appropriate traditional and digital marketing strategies and tactics.

* Perform market valuation of proposed initiatives and/or strategic partnerships and identify best practices and relevant, effective models.

Administrative & Staffing

* Direct supervision, management, and training of Central Traditional Marketing team members.

* Dotted-line strategic and creative supervision of embedded Marketing & Communications Managers in developing collateral, ads and media plans.

* Build, manage, motivate, and develop a team with the capacity to successfully implement traditional marketing initiatives.

* Perform staff management functions for direct reports including goal setting, oversee staff development, training, recruitment, screening, interviewing, and retention.

* Manage creative and media agency relationships and assess new vendor capabilities.

* Maintain relevant database, tracking systems, and outcomes measures.

Operations & Finance

* Ensure integration and collaboration among Marketing, Digital, Communications and PR initiatives to effectively coordinate and implement operational activities.

* Oversee the review of all purchase orders, RFPs, contract terms and conditions, pricing, and proposal preparation and submission.

* Develop annual and interim budgets for fiscal planning.

* Track and maintain budget spending.

* Review and secure approvals for media insertions and invoices. Manage creative production of ad campaigns, copy writing, and design for department projects to be completed on time and within budget.

* Develop, update, and maintain annual Traditional Marketing Project Calendar.

* Initiate Legal, Compliance, and/or Development review of marketing projects as needed.

Salaries Salaries for the Director of Hospital Marketing can vary greatly depending on the size, location, and prestige of the hospital as well as the experience, education, and responsibilities of the individual.

Annual earnings can begin at $35,000 and go up to $175,000 or more. Generally, individuals with more experience or those working at larger facilities in metropolitan areas will have earnings at the higher end of the scale.


Employment Prospects

Employment prospects for Directors of Hospital Marketing are fair. Individuals may find employment throughout the country in hospitals or other health care facilities. Individuals seeking this type of position might have to relocate to find a job.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement prospects are fair for individuals with experience. The Director of Hospital Marketing can climb the career ladder by locating a similar position in a larger or more prestigious facility. T his will result in increased responsibilities and earnings. Some individuals advance their careers by striking out on their own and doing consulting in the field of marketing.

Education and Training

Individuals seeking a position in the marketing department of a hospital or other health care facility are usually required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Majors should be in marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, advertising, business, or health care planning. A n advanced degree is often helpful. Seminars and workshops in marketing, public relations, health care planning, and writing are also beneficial.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

The Director of Hospital Marketing often has experience as an assistant in marketing, public relations, or planning prior to obtaining this position. Any marketing experience will be useful.

The Director of Hospital Marketing needs excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Supervisory and management skills are needed as well. The ability to define and analyze problems in a logical, clear, and concise manner and perform research is essential. Public speaking ability is often required.

Creativity is necessary to be successful in this field. A knowledge of graphics, typography, photography, and layout is also necessary for the development of advertising materials.

Unions and Associations

The Director of Hospital Marketing may belong to the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development of the American Hospital Association. These groups all provide career guidance and professional support.

Tips for Entry

1. Join trade associations. They are useful in making contacts, networking, and finding jobs. Their trade journals often have job listings. Associations also may know of internships.

2. Look for internships in hospitals or other health care facilities.

3. There are a number of employment agencies and search firms dealing specifically with marketing and other communications positions. Consider using one to help you locate a job.

4. There are also agencies dealing specifically in health care. Whichever type of agency you consider, make sure you check to see who will pay the fee when you get a job, you or the employer.

5. Jobs are often advertised in the classified section of the newspaper. Look under “Marketing,” “Hospitals,” “Director of Hospital Marketing,” “Health Care,” etc.


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