A F M Z Haque, MD

A F M Z Haque, MD Psychiatry Plainsboro, NJ Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Physician

Office Address
  • 7 Spruce Ct

    Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone:
    (732) 647-6000

  • Dr. A F M Haque, MD is a board certified psychiatrist in Plainsboro, New Jersey. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey and New York.

A Fanellis-Lambrou, MD

A Fanellis-Lambrou, MD Pediatrics Arlington Heights, IL Physician

Office Address
  • 2010 S Arlington Heights Rd Ste 210

    Arlington Heights, IL 60005 Phone:
    (847) 342-9895

  • Dr. A Fanellis-Lambrou, MD is a pediatrician in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

A Fibers

A Fibers (A-Fibers)

Theterminology refers to compoundaction potentialdeflections; A fibers are the most rapidly conducting category representing activity of myelinated fibers. Most A fibers are afferent nerve fibers that carry non-noxious somatosensory information.

* A Afferent Fibers (Neurons)
* Opiates During Development