Selling NAPLEX Materials

Passed Naplex now I am selling notes. I took the exam in NYS and passed.
1. RxPrep 2012 edition - Retail Price is $159. Asking $75 (including shipping)
- I took notes in this book while I listen to the RxPrep's 66 lectures plus there are highlighting key material all ready for you to prepare.
- Pages are tab on MUST KNOW sections in the book that were highlighted in the Rxprep lectures. Excellent Resource.
2. Apha comprehensive Review - Retail $65. Asking $50 (including shipping)
- I used this book briefly as a way to understand things that weren't very clear with the Rxprep book. It's good for as an alternative reference source. Still in prime mint condition.
3. Kaplan NAPLEX - Retail Price $50. Asking $25 (including shipping)
- I have 2 of these books, given to me by Kaplan. 1. is highlighted with notes (not a lot), and the 2nd is like new in that the spine's paper is a little ripped and the corners are little worn.
4. Dr. Cutie's Notes - NAPLEX - Retail $175. Asking $85 (including shipping)
- I didn't get a chance to go through Dr. Cutie's notes before taking the exam but I studied Infectious Disease from his bc that was my weakest topic. As a whole his notes are very well organized and help me understand Infectious Disease WELL.
5. Dr. Cutie's Notes - Part III Compounding in NYS - Retail $175. Asking $75 (including shipping)
- I used his notes and wrote in it doing practice problems hence my asking price. Still good and available. I'll also throw in Albany College of Pharmacy's notes for Part III compounding as well.
PM me if interested.

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