PSAT compared to SAT

What are some of the major differences? I took the PSAT today and it was a breeze. Thanks.
(Besides the writing portion)

I don't recall there being any major differences between the two other than length. Then again, I didn't give a crap about the SAT, much less the PSAT. I also took the PSAT 8 years ago, so my advice is pretty dated. I understand they've totally revamped the English portion.

I took the PSAT last year and the SAT this year. The content areas are pretty similar, the SAT just gives you harder questions. I didn't study for the test much between the PSAT and the SAT and got in the 98th percentile for the PSAT and about the 85th percentile for the SAT--so for me the real thing was definitely harder. Also, I had extra time on the PSAT, even after checking my work, and on the SAT I didn't even finish the some sections. So, just longer test, and maybe fewer/ shorter breaks, but if the PSAT was effortless you should be fine on the real thing.

A lot of people have issues with mental fatigue on standardized tests. Make sure you rest up and eat well to minimize the difference between your PSAT and SAT.

Thanks a lot. =)

So basically if the PSAT was effortless I should do fine on the SAT? You can't really study for the SAT can you?...

Yes you can, buy SAT prep books and time yourself using practice tests. I took the PSAT yesterday (no prep) and I think I did pretty good, not FANTASTIC though. I really didn't give a **** either, nobody does, yet everyone and their brother takes it.

I didn't know people studied for the SAT until I saw one of my friends doing so during my senior year of high school. I believe I made fun of him for it. Oops. :rolleyes: I personally took the SAT drunk and with 2 hours of sleep, as I say, not as I do.

I took the PSAT last year and this year, and I think this year's was easier..ah oh well. I think I did really well though! Easier than the SAT I took a couple weeks ago.

The SATs may seem like a harder test than the PSATs only because there's more pressure to do better. Schools look closely at your SAT scores moreso than PSATs. I always saw the PSATs as a test that only got you better scholarships :/ But honestly, the two tests were the same for me.

I won't recommend you slacking off on the SATs just because the PSATs were easy though. Remember that the SATs are a heck of a lot longer than PSATs. One reason why it's recommended that you try to do an SAT test in one sitting is so you know when/if you burn out during the real test.

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