Pro Physician Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Diagnostic Set + Protective Case!

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Brand Name RA Bock Diagnostics EAN 0892856002143 Item Weight 0.69 pounds Part Number Pro_Opthal_Oto Power Source Type 2 C cell batteries not included UNSPSC Code 49121500 UPC 892856002143

Product Description

Real World Description by myself an ER Physician: Decent set for the money. It is not Welch Allyn but it will do the job. Otoscope works great when it comes to seeing an eardrum. Bulb is LED and bright and uses very little battery power making batteries last and last. It is not Fiber-optic which means it uses direct light from a bulb that is located directly in your line of sight. The good thing is that the eyes will focus beyond this so you really do not notice it. All the less expensive professional otoscopes including ADC brand come from the same place and work this way. We do have a disposable specula adaptor for our model ADC does not. ADC is halogen while ours is LED. Our model will also allow you to use disposable specula. The ophthalmoscope is very basic and has the full set of lens. There is no green light or red light or cross hairs like Welch Allyn but rarely will a primary care doc or even an ER Doc have use for these. You will use stain, a black light with large magnifier to look for a foreign body or corneal abrasion. If you have lots of money then go for the Welch Allyn. If you are a poor boy like I was 25 years ago I would not spend half your net worth on a simple diagnostic kit just to get through physical diagnosis class. My Welch Allyn ended up sitting in my doctor bag for the last 25 years never seeing the light of day again. Bottom line is that you will see the eardrum just as well with this otoscope as you will with W/A (it is a lens and a light). The ophthalmosocpe is not as good as W/A but it is adequate to see the fundus and optic nerve in a dilated eye. It is perfectly good for getting through your physical diagnosis class and learning how to use the instruments. If you are a Mom looking for home use you do not need this kit because you do not need an ophthlamosocpe. Ophthalmosocpes are not easy to use and you need training and with training they are not that easy unless the pupil is pharmacologically dilated.

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