Orientation process

Just curious what everyones orientation was like.
I finished my fifth day on the floor. I just finished my fifth day on the floor and my preceptor's assignment has varied wildly. Two of the days, we (really, she) had the sickest baby on the floor--as such I was pretty much in an observation role only. THe next two days I switched preceptor/assignment and was able to take a stable baby working on nippling feeds to d/c soon, today I also went to a section.
I'm supposed to get 8 weeks orientation. I'm trying to cram as much experience as I can and study at home, as there doesn't seem like there will be much, if anything, in the way of classes (NRP for sure, maybe STABLE, trying to get a video series from one of the NNPs).
Anyone else?

I don't really think 8 weeks is enough. Most weeks in nursing are basically just 3 days. My new director just increased our orientation from the 12 weeks I got to now a full 6 months (increasable to 8 mos as needed). After my 12 weeks, i still felt like I didn't know anything. Sometimes I still do. :P

I did (and do) study a lot at home, bought several books, etc.

8 weeks, full time (5 days/week, 40hrs/week). I don't know if it's because I have already worked for a year and a half on a med/surg unit, but this certainly feels like starting all over.

That sounds messed up. Ours is 16 weeks now. We have a set guideline as to what we take each week starting with 2 feeders and working our way thru Non-invasive ventilation kids, ventilated kids, sick kids and then extremely sick ie cooling/ PPHN on nitric kids and admissions.

Just try to take in all you can, get your hands in there and do a lot of reading!

As I will soon be starting my orientation I know that our program is 6-8 months if the RN is new to service and varies as you deem yourself comfortable. I am surprised your orientation is so short especially with changing preceptors.

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