Need some Info for my Fiance'e

My fiance'e and I are both going to Community College for R.N, she would like to be not just any R.N but a Neonatal Nurse once she has completed all of her studies and get her License. My question is-what are the step she would have to take in order for her to be a Neonatal Nurse??? beside becoming an R.N.

First of all congrats and good luck to both. I am currently an LPN who works in critical care with adults. I will be done with the RN program at the end of the year. I also am interested in NICU and what i did was contact the NICU at Rainbow and i am going to be starting a postition PRN as a student nurse and when i become an RN i will have a position there. You should have her try that it worked for me. Good luck to the both of you.

There are no additional requirements after licensure to be able to work in a NICU. She needs to find a unit that takes new grads, and has a decent orientation. Best of luck to you both. Maybe you'll choose NICU too.....add another guy to the few, the proud, and the BRAVE!!!


i know that she probably seems overwhelmed with the studies that she has but any she could pssibly take that would help her in this area would put her ahead of another new grad without extra classes
if she can't get into the area she wants try a step down or pedi while making her wishes know frequently

First, I would like to thank everyone who answered my question on NICU regarding my fiance'e. Second thank you also for wishing us both the best of luck towards our goal of becoming R.N's and Last but, not least thank you all for welcoming us with open arms into this career....I can't wait to become a nurse .

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