I have searched the internet and I am still confused. What is the difference between MSN vs MNSc. It seems to me that MNSc is mostly offered outside the US. However, one of the schools I am looking into, and quite excited about, for ACNP offers an MNSc. Would having the degree as compared to an MSN hurt me?

Thanks for any answers. I wouldn't have asked if I just couldn't find the answer elsewhere on the internet.

Sorry, I have no clue. I had never even heard of a MNSc. My 2 cents would be to ask the school what the difference is, they probably get that question alot.

Probably no difference. Schools use different titles for the same basic degree. Sometimes, it's just tradition at that school. Sometimes it relates to the governance structure at the school -- which committee has authority over that particular program.

If the school is a reputable one, it usually poses no problem. However, it pays to ask the school to explain why their degree title is different from the common one -- and be sure to find out if there are any differences in the content or focus.

Ocassionally, an organization will require a specific degree -- and not be flexible about slight variation in titling. That could hurt you someday, but it doesn't happen often.

MNSc programs requires an additional research based class to better prepare it's graduates for doctoral programs. This should not harm you. 

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