I have my first interview to get into a BSN program in Texas this week. Did anyone have to interview for the nursing program you got into? If so, what kind of questions did they ask? I think I have a pretty good idea of what will be asked, but I want to be prepared for anything. Any advice??


You should anticipate being asked the same sort of questions you would get in a job interview. So, review some job interview tips. You can probably be sure you are going to be asked what your strong and weak points or characteristics are. You may be asked what traits a good nurse should have and do you have them. You may be asked how you deal with conflict, criticism, or difficult people. You may or may not be asked why you want to be a nurse--have an intelligent and clever answer and not just the regular "because I want to help people". Cite a personal story that moved you to consider nursing if you have one. I wouldn't bring up the issue of how much money RNs make. A lot of established nurses don't like to hear newbies talking about going into nursing for the money. Don't lie. Some interviewers who are very skilled know how to ferret out people who are telling lies or over-inflating themselves. On the other hand, don't spew out your personal trials and tribulations--you are not going to be in a counseling session and there is such a thing as revealing too much truth. Under no circumstances argue or get into a discussion over conflicting beliefs. Be pleasant and smile a lot! One of the things you will be evaluated for is whether you will finish the nursing program once you start it. Before you leave, ask when they are planning to notify people if they are being accepted into the nursing program if they have not already answered that for you.

That helps a lot! Thank you so much! T-25 hours!!

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