How's it going so far?


Just curious where everyone is, regarding OAT preparation and application.
When are you taking the OAT and how much have you studied so far?
How much of the application have you finished (transcript, essays, etc.)?

I read the threads on this forum occasionally, and I keep asking myself if I'm supposed to be freaking out because I feel like I'm behind but I'm feeling pretty chill about this whole process. :/

I just need to get my lor and do the supplementals :( I already dreaded the personal statement, and now supplementals :(

Schools have already started issuing supplementals? Wow I need to pick up my pace. I feel behind. I'm taking my OAT August 11. I don't feel prepared, physics is kicking my butt.

Yes, some already have it on optomcas (like scco) and some have it on their website (like Western). You could actually complete your optomcas without the oat, and then you can just submit everything the day you take your oat/receive unofficial scores. Good luck to us both :)

Im too embarrased to share how behind I am... Just know that you all are ahead of me on the appications.. Haha. Im taking oat on the 18th of august. I finished chads videos and am stsrting to slam myself with practice questions from the dat destroyer and practice tests

I'm slowly working through the application. I have all of my LORs in and my transcripts. It's hard trying to juggle the application and OAT studying. I'm also working on the OAT Destroyer but I haven't took a practice test yet.

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