DAT breakdown 2015


Feel free to skip down to the actual breakdown below.

Day of:

  • Took 2007 Practice test, and it was much easier than the actual DAT. Other SDN members said the same. So it wasn't very representative, but it was very helpful in boosting my self esteem.
  • Finalized my reading method.
    1. Read one question.
    2. Find a key word in that question
    3. Skim the first sentence of each paragraph
    4. Find a paragraph relevant to the key word.
    5. Find answer within that paragraph.

Night of:

  • Went over OChem reagents and Orgoman's Road Maps in DAT Destroyer.
  • Weak points in Ferali's Notes
  • Reviewed equations for GChem and Math
  • Tried to get a good night's rest. ( ended up sleeping at 1am. Please get good rest...)

Morning of:

  • Good breakfast at 7:30am (couldn't go back to sleep)
  • Played piano to get rid of any anxiety
  • Went over a checklist:
    1. 2 forms of ID (Licence and a Debit card with a signature in the back. Make sure your names match!
    2. Jacket
    3. Bananas for the 15-minute break
  • Arrived @ testing center 30 minutes early.
  • Signed papers
  • Metal detector
  • Fingerprinting (apparently the computer can't detect my fingerprint very well. I did this like 10x for both my left and right hand)

Exam Breakdown:
The seat that I was assigned was right next to the door, so every time the test administrator walked in, the opening and closing of that door was SO distracting..... I don't know if you can request a seat, but find a seat that is least distracting.
I was provided with noise-cancelling headphones, which were GREAT because there was a girl furiously typing away a storm behind me.
I asked for a blank sheet, but the test proctor said, "I'm sorry, you're going to have to make do with what you're given." 2 graph-paper formatted sheets with 2 fine-point markers.
Part One:

  • Survey of Natural Sciences (23)
    • Bio (20)
      • Some questions were VERY easy and straight-foward, while others were a bit difficult.
      • The difficult ones were the application questions.
      • I marked a lot of bio questions, and ended up changing a few.
      • Don't second guess yourself... your original answer is probably correct, unless you KNOW 100% that it is wrong!
    • GChem (25)
      • Significantly easier than the practice exams I took.
      • Easy peasy calculations, that didn't require a lot of estimating.
      • Some answers were given with calculations. (i.e. it gives you 10.0 g and 2 moles, the molar mass would be (10.0/2))
    • OChem (25)
      • again, much easier than I had expected.
      • Could easily eliminate answers
    • Finished science with 30 minutes remaining.
    • clicked on the "Review Marked" button and went through all the marked questions.
    • second guessed on a few bio questions
  • PAT (23)
    • Keyholes
      • Those DAT creators had a lot of fun creating these keyholes. Some were SO bizarre...
      • I marked so many questions
      • DAT Achiever and Bootcamp had trained me to pay attention to proportions, so I marked an immense amount for this section.
    • TFE
      • My self-esteem was so low from keyholes..
      • Marked 3 questions in this section
      • It helps to just visualize the figure.
    • Angles
      • Not bad, due to the practice I got from CDP and bootcamp generators.
      • looked @ the first number of each of the answers, compared angles, and chose the answer by elimination.
    • Hole Punching
      • Unfortunately, I had a few 1/3 foldings that caught me off guard.
      • One backwards folding.
      • But this can be anyone's best section!
      • No methods here. Just eyeballing where the holes were.
    • Cube Counting
      • Look at the overall structure FIRST. (are there any hidden cubes, columns, rows, or holes?)
      • Tally mark method
      • I had at most 9-10 cubes, may be different for you.
    • Pattern Folding
      • Fairly simple.
      • No crazy figures created.
  • 4 minutes remaining. Reviewed marked questions
  • PAT= Practice All the Time. I enjoyed PAT section the most, so it was like a break for me. I'm such a dork! haha
  • Practice your own method in each section until you feel comfortable with it!

BREAK TIME 15 minutes (I had 4 minutes remaining)
1. Take my locker key and my IDs
2. finger printing
3. signing out
4. banana
5. bathroom
6. water
7. metal detector
8. fingerprinting
9. signing in
10. own part two.

Part Two:

  • Reading (20)
    • Always my lowest score in practice exams. I expected 16-17, but instead came out with a miracle of 20!
    • Questions are very straight foward
    • I only had one "both true, both false" type question. Bootcamp pummels you with around 8 of those questions, so this was a relief! (this may be different for your test...? I really hope not! )
    • I'm definitely not a fast reader, especially under pressure.
    • Refer back to the reading method above, under "Day Of"
    • Not nearly as hard as DAT Achiever
    • DAT bootcamp was very similar to this.
    • The answers are in the passage. Just calm down and train your eyes to focus on the answer.
  • Math (20)
    • If there's a question you don't know, mark it, skip it, come back to it.
    • You can't afford to waste time on questions like these.
    • I spent too much time on hard questions, couldn't get to easier questions.
    • I felt rushed.
    • Math destroyer was very helpful for this section.

I felt very undeserving of these scores, but grateful, nonetheless!

Good luck to those studying!! Holler at me for questions.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Nice scores! Did you use bootcamp or destroyer? If so, how did the test compare?

Thank you! I used both. Destroyer are just practice questions, while bootcamp has practice exams. I think bootcamp was more like the actual DAT than Destroyer!

Do you mind posting any practice scores or giving a comparison between the test and bc?

Sure thing

#1) 19 17 20 20 22 17
#2) 25 19 19 22 19 19
#3) 20 21 20 22 20 19
I only took 3! I didnt record the last two tests for the Bio section.

congrats!!! those are some great looking scores, and nothing below a 20, that looks beautiful!!!!!
PS great usage of the nail clipper

For angle rankings, were the the answer choices like

A. 2 < 3 < 4 < 1
B. 1 < 3 < 2 < 4
C. 1 < 4 < 2 < 3
D. 1 < 2 < 3 < 4

And the answer is usually D because I just look at the number at the end, where it is 4 and the number at the beginning which is 1. So, I am left with B and D, and I just compare the angles from there.

I am not really good at angle ranking, I miss like maybe 85% of them.

This is the one gripe I have with bootcamp's generator. Their tests are a lot more randomized in terms of multiple choice structure. Datgenius's free generator is also better for more random mc answers, but they often have the same number being the smallest or largest angle which makes it easier as well.

Keep practicing!
 I had maybe a few questions like that, and a few like
 a) 1 <2 <3 <4
 b) 2 <1 <4 <3
 c) 1 <3 <4 <2
 d) 2 <3 <1 <4

yeah, bootcamp tended to do that. but dont fall for it!! CDP had a really great angle generator. I wish I could just give you my computer to let you try it.
 But I mean, 85% is great! Keep it up.

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