best time to start studying(preparing) for PCAT?


When is the best time to start preparing for PCAT?
I don't mean actually taking the test, but start studying for it..
I'm taking General Chemistry, and next semester, I will be taking
another General Chemistry and Biology.
and I'm taking Calculus I, so I will be done with math pre-requisite after this semester.
I know I'm not a good test taker, and I regretted not start studying early for SAT/ACT when I had to take it.
But, I don't want to start too early either..
(Is there a "too early" to start studying for PCAT?)
Thank You

The way you study now is by really learning the material in your classes. Don't cram for tests because you will forget most of the material in a week. You need to retain the info for the PCAT and later for pharmacy school. Try to understand the material rather than just memorize. If you understand things, when they ask the question is a different way than you expected, you can still reason your way to an answer. If you just memorized, it will trip you up.

Anyway, the better you learn the material now, the less you will have to study when the time comes to take the PCAT. Your time is better spent concentrating on your prereqs. One exception I might make is for math. If, for example, you know you aren't good at algebra, you might get some books and start practicing a little at a time right now. The repetition over the long term will help come PCAT time.

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