Is 2 months enough to get myself ready for the PCAT


thinking of studying 4-5 weeks everyday until September 2015 PCAT

Depending on how much you already know it's plenty of time. I studied from mid May to the beginning of July (a month and a half) and got a 99%tile.

how did you study and what materials did you use?

I used Crack the PCAT and the Pearson tests. Crack the PCAT is good because it has video explanations for all the questions.

How many hours a day did you study each day?

Around 4-6 hours a day, minus the weekends usually.

im gunna go crazy lol. i forgot most the topics

I studied about 2 hours each day for a month (June to early July) and got 94. 2 months is more than enough if you commit your mind to it. Take a diagnostic and see where you're starting at, and go from there.

Damn you smart!

I study for about 4-5hr/days, half week since beginning of June till first week of July, got 96. I forgot lots of things but if you pay attention when you took classes, it should come back pretty quickly. I used Collin's and Pearson practice tests. Went through Collin's guide to refresh my knowledge, then took the practice tests. I think you should do all the practice tests to get familiar with the format and be able to time yourself.

I'm studying for that one as well. I don't think that it's too far fetched....just as long as you're consistent and you have knowledge of the information and are not learning from scratch!!

similar to everyone else. Studied since the beginning of May and just took the July 9th PCAT and got a 92. Studied about 3 hours a day from Dr. Collins and took 3 pearson practice tests. Was very well prepared.

I have the January and july updates selling my collins for $285 brand new 2015, no highlights or anything and also my Pcat destroyer that helped me tremendously for the math section.
I also have the pearson tests and 2 other books if anyone is looking for more pcat material, inbox me and we can workout a bundle deal!!

Hearing everyone here. Studying time for the PCAT is very much dependent on your retention of learned material. However, as for any standardized exam, timing yourself and practicing taking the test are really important too.
I just graduated this Spring and started work right away, so there wasn't much time to study for the July 2015 PCAT. I had approximately 2.5 weeks of study time. I really liked chemistry and biochemistry, so study for those subsections were mostly reviewing concepts and timing myself. I minored in Math, so quantitative didn't require too much studying either. Be that as it may, having the Dr. Collins 2011 study guide helped to speed up my studies tremendously with only 2-3 hours to study during a work day and 4-5 on the weekends.
I took as many practice tests as possible and supplemented the study guide with the Peterson's PCAT book. I didn't want to pay a **** load of money for the new-er editions of Dr. Collins and figured that since his practice tests came from the actual PCAT, there's a higher chance that those questions will show up on the actual test this year. I definitely saw more questions from the guide on the actual test than expected...Anyhow, I ended up with:

Verbal: 78
Biology: 84
Reading: 68
Quantitative: 92
Chemistry: 95
Comp: 91
Writing: 3.5
Mean for this cycle: 3.35

I didn't study for Verbal beyond the vocab list and practice tests that came with Dr. Collins guide and didn't study at all for reading and writing because there was just no time. I wish I could've done better on writing but reading was just all about speed and somewhat common sense.
In conclusion, two months should be plenty of time with the right material and focus. If anyone is interested, I'm trying to sell that Dr. Collins 2011 study guide for $150. The folders that they come in are a little worn out but the materials are completely untouched because they suggested reviewers to not write on the practice tests so they can take the tests multiple times.

Best of luck and hope that this was helpful!

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