I really enjoyed Second City and Bill Cosby

I thought that the Second City improv was great! They did a great job with on the spot humor. I was amazed at how fast they got the words, defacate, Galapagos, and I forget the last word.... they had to mime

Good Stuff.

The third word was ego-maniacal! FLEXI-SEAL!! I enjoyed Second City WAY more than Bill Cosby! Although he was good too!

Yes, ego-maniacal, how could I forget that I agree, I enjoyed second city more as well too. But the Coz is a classic I enjoyed his act as well.

Sad I missed it as both my dad and myself had a couple of his lp's many many years ago and loved them especially the one on Tonsils

i watched bill cosby's i spy tv show in mid 60's, dh played [color=#0000cc]to russell, my brother, whom i slept with for years and i enjoyed seeing him about 20 yrs ago in atlantic city. my son james was almost on the floor laughing and said seeing the coz was highlight of the trip.

NTI was an awesome experience! It always has been! Every speaker, session, exhibit, etc is well organized,informative, fun, or interesting. On the last day I attended a session by 2 army nurses who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They had incredible stories and pictures of their work on the battle front. It gave me a great deal of respect and appreciation for our nurse collegues in uniform! I also enjoyed spending time during the week meeting other nurses from around the country to learn of their struggles and successes. I hope that if you have never gone, you will make plans to attend an NTI in the upcoming years. Next year it will be in New Orleans.

It was great. this was my first time at the ATI. Loved the lectures, exhibits and yes Second city and Bill Cosby....Hilarious... i didnt even know what flexi-seal was...well now i know...they werent even close...Bill Cosby's joke about Hyperglycemic shock and coma was the highlight of the nite...

If you would have been there in Atlanta last year, you'd have had no doubt about Flexi-Seal...


This is probably why it leapt to mind so easily when Second City asked for a topic.

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