Emergency Medicine Physician Back to Work After Accident That Left Him Paralyzed

Daniel Grossman, M.D., was in command and control mode, assessing a 36-year-old who'd fallen off his mountain bike on the Cuyuna Trail in northern Minnesota. No one had seen the fall, which cracked the man's helmet and left him unable to feel or move his legs.

Having worked for a decade as an emergency medicine physician, Dr. Grossman understood the gravity of the situation. But it was also completely new to him. Because this time, Dr. Grossman wasn't only the physician. He was also the patient.

Is Burnout a Form of Depression?

The Keys to Differentiating Burnout and Depression

The issue of physician burnout has gained considerable attention in recent years, as research continues to map its underlying causes and resulting impact. Yet even as we begin to understand more about this crisis in our profession, we still stumble when it comes to differentiating burnout from depression.

Happy Couples Do These 5 Things Every Week

Whether your relationship is going great or is not quite as wonderful as you would like, you may want to improve it. You might try sending a love letter or preparing a romantic dinner. But it is difficult to maintain such extra measures, and they don’t necessarily strengthen the foundation of your relationship for the long haul. So, what can you do to nurture a happier relationship for now and years to come?

Be Wary of Liver Injury From Herbals or Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are regarded by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food but not as a drug. The use of herbal and dietary supplements is common in the United States, with surveys suggesting that up to 50% of adults use them, and sales of these products (most typically vitamins and minerals) were estimated to be nearly $40 billion in 2014. The allure of these agents is far-reaching and includes claims for bodybuilding, weight loss, reduction of stress/anxiety, and enhanced immunity or sexual performance.