Be Unhappy with Your Job; Be a Doctor

Becoming a physician is one of the most demanding and costly professions to go into. After 4 years of college, another 4 years of medical school, and then anything up to 7 years of residency training -- this path is not for the fainthearted. Average debt upon finishing school is around $200,000, so it's no surprise that doctors want a good salary when they are done with residency. Most of them first went into medical school with very altruistic intentions. Studies show that more than three-quarters chose medicine with the simple desire to "help people." Most new graduates after residency still have those very altruistic intentions and high ideals, yet after a couple of years in practice -- something seems to change.

This is Your Brain on Trump

The temperature of the electorate has officially reached a boiling point on both sides of the aisle. Biological relatives can't even make it through Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July without exhibiting some level of vitriol related to politics. Most of America chalks this up to the age of Trump. Trump confabulates, and America conflagrates. Many politicians have questioned his mental fitness, and several psychiatrists have diagnosed him with multiple disorders in spite of the American Psychiatric Association's Goldwater Rule.